Sustainable Technology Management

Only sustainable business models can be successful in the long term. This involves moving away from a linear economic model where products are manufactured, used, and then disposed of, and toward a circular model that focuses on repair and reuse.

We offer equipment leasing with subsequent refurbishment in line with the principles of the resource-efficient circular economy. Sustainability is an ongoing process for us and we are continually expanding our commitment in this area.

How our services are sustainable

  • Let us take care of everything that has to do with the IT equipment at your workplace to do.
  • Our offer covers the entire life cycle, from procurement, financing and management for return logistics, everything at a fixed monthly cost that makes it easy to budget.
  • At NF Techfleet 96% of the equipment returned goes to recycling, which does that your old equipment can live on for a few more years at the same time which you contribute to a more sustainable society.


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The principles of the circular economy in our business model

Scarcity of resources and climate change are topics in our society, and they are forcing companies to take new approaches. Society’s transition toward a circular economy is the result of a long-overdue change in thinking.


We support our customers along the entire lifecycle of their technology assets, from rollout and use to certified data erasure, refurbishing, and remarketing. Reusing devices instead of procuring and then disposing of them every time conserves resources and improves our environmental footprint.


We are refurbishing used equipment at our own Technology Centers of the CHG-MERIDIAN Group. Devices undergo visual and technical refurbishment in line with the principles of green IT. We also have a global network of certified refurbishing partners who recondition equipment locally to the highest standards.

Any equipment that cannot be reused is sustainably returned to the material cycle through our certified recycling partners.


Certified data erasure at the end of the term is essential if equipment is to be reused within the circular economy. In our mind, data security starts with choosing the equipment and classifying the security levels. Whether it is SSD, hybrid or flash memory in laptops, tablets, smartphones or even printers, copiers, and multifunction devices, we can offer a precise and cost-effective erasure solution. This ensures that data is protected when equipment is reused.


By professionally refurbishing and remarketing IT equipment, we are able to extend its useful life. In 2020, the CHG-MERIDIAN Group remarketed almost 880,000 assets in total. Every single one makes a difference and conserves valuable resources.

“We can help you reach your enviromental goals by using our solutions.”

Circular economy

We can help you reach your enviromental goals by using our solutions.

The circular economy encourages reuse and recycling. This corresponds to the linear idea of ​​the use-and-throw society. For every computer that is reused, we can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, save raw materials and stimulate a circular economy where the products are used more efficiently.



Alongside avoiding and reducing CO₂ emissions through a holistic lifecycle approach, offsetting is an important step that allows companies to operate in a more sustainable manner and to make a positive contribution toward climate change mitigation. That is why we are enabling companies to lease their IT assets in a carbon-neutral way through carbonZER0. This involves fully offsetting the CO₂ emissions generated during the production, transportation, use and end-of-life phase of leased IT assets.