Take control of your technology investments

Unless you’re a technology company, it does not make sense to own your own technology. With business moving so fast, today’s assets can quickly become tomorrow’s liabilities. This is where NF Techfleet comes in, providing an innovative and cost-effective alternative.


We are completely brand and supplier independent – you can freely choose what type of equipment you want. We take care of the rest by compiling everything on one and the same agreement and invoice.


The cost and complexity of managing a fleet of technology assets can quickly spiral out of control. This means you could be losing money on assets that no longer provide value. You could even be paying for assets that you don’t know about. If your capital is tied up in fixed technology assets, you could also be missing opportunities to drive business growth.

A life cycle based technology usage model can help you solve all of these challenges with one simple contract.

At NF Techfleet we’re committed to ensuring that the total cost of ownership across your technology is reduced. We will work with you to deliver the best efficient technology management solution for your needs.

With NF Techfleet you will get access to our asset management system that gives you full visibility and control over your equipment.

Choosing a solution

There are many advantages to leasing technology rather than buying it outright. There are the obvious financial benefits, such as the absence of large capital outlay, in addition to the reduced costs of maintaining and upgrading technology. From an operational standpoint, leasing technology provides your business with access to the latest and most advanced equipment, which will increase the overall productivity of the workplace and enhance the efficiency of your organisation.

Our intelligent finance solutions let you:

  • Access the latest technology so your team can maintain high levels of productivity.
  • Turn large capital expenditure into more manageable monthly expenses via easy leasing arrangements.
  • Keep technology costs under control so you can maximise return on investment.
  • Include life cycle management services into your monthly lease payment giving you a true usage model.
  • Gain full visibility into all of your assets and how they are used, regardless of where they sit in your organisation.

Dependent upon your business requirements, we will work alongside you to create a solution which benefits your business throughout the lifetime of your assets. At NF Techfleet, we invest time and effort into our products so that you can spend more time with things that truly matter to your business.

Operating lease

An operating lease is one of the most common lease agreements you can take advantage of. An operating lease allows for the use of an asset for the period most suitable to your company’s need. These products have a longer useful life and therefore we take a residual value on the asset which result in that the sum of the lease payments will typically be less than the original capital cost.


  • Flexibility to upgrade to new equipment as required.
  • The options to hand the equipment back at the end of the term or continue to use it for an extension period.
  • Usually results in the lowest payment of any financing alternative.
  • Provides fixed known costs throughout the contract period.
  • Makes a life-cycle refresh program easily available to (every) all size customers.

Financial lease

A finance lease is typically a full pay-out agreement; this means that the sum of the rentals includes the full capital cost of the equipment, plus the interest accrued. A finance lease allows for the payments to be spread over the lease term, while also providing flexibility at the end of the contract.

At the end of the lease, you can either:

  • Return the equipment and upgrade to the latest technology.
  • Extend the lease period for continued use of the current equipment.
  • Buy the equipment.


  • The most suitable solution for procuring long life assets.
  • Allows for extended use of the equipment for a nominal sum.
  • Enables you to decide what you want to do with the equipment at the end of the lease. Therefore, allowing you to control the upgrade cycle. 
  • Fixed payments – improve budgetary and planning certainty.