The end of a lease contract doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. Leasing with NF Techfleet makes life easy. Whether you decide to return, extend, or purchase your equipment all can be done simply and quickly on-line.

Ensure secure, environmentally responsible handling of end of lease technology. Release the hidden value of your obsolete technology by leveraging NF Techfleet’s global remarketing presence.

Knowing when your assets are ready for refresh in time to plan this effectively can save time and money. TheAssetAdvantage™ informs you when leased assets are due for return and owned assets are nearing the end of depreciation. NF Techfleet are global specialists in decommissioning equipment in a safe, secure and sustainable way, minimising damage and helping you avoid unnecessary and unplanned costs or loss in resale value.

With TheAssetAdvantage™ managing our flexible end of lease options is made easy. Receive early notification of assets approaching end of lease via the dashboard and then use the online workflows to return, extend or purchase your assets. TheAssetAdvantage™ gives you full visibility of the process, saving you time, effort, and money.


Find a smart solution for your business.

Keep equipment in use

If you are not ready to replace your equipment, then our casual extension model is your option. You may continue your lease agreement for three months at a time and return the equipment when you’re ready.

If you foresee that your business wants to keep leasing the equipment for longer period than three months at a time, you can agree an extension period with NF Techfleet. This period can be from three months to two years at reduced rental payments.

If want to purchase the equipment, NF Techfleet provides you a possibility to purchase the asset either after the primary lease term or after the extension period.

Return and replace

When you are ready to replace your leased equipment with new one, we take away the headache of having to organize the return and transportation of equipment by including collection in our standard lease. Once you are ready to return, we will pack and collect the equipment, perform data wipe and we will also provide a waiver for cosmetic damages. You simply let us know when you are ready to return and we will take care of the rest.

NF Techfleet offers you the flexibility to include selected services as part of the lease rentals which allows you to divide the costs into your lease term. We can also provide Remarketing services to owned assets upon request.

Collections – Packing – Transportation

Through TheAssetAdvantage™ you let us know what assets you are returning and we’ll organize the collection at your desired site. We can also provide collections from multiple sites. We’ll minimize the risk for any damages during the transportation by packing the equipment and use padded cabinets and cages needed.

We can also provide you enhanced security by organizing the transportation with lockable cages, point-to-point transportation or tracked shipment.

Inspection – Secure data erasure – Refurbish

We transport the returned equipment to our certified hubs and technology centers. Our technology centers in Norway, Germany and our Nordic partners are all certified with ISO9001 Quality Management, ISO14001 Environmental System Management and ISO27001 Information Security Management certificates.

When we receive your returned equipment, we test the equipment and complete a visual check for cosmetic damages. We allow your equipment to be returned with normal wear and tear. NF Techfleet provides you a report where you can see what equipment have been returned and if there are excessive wear and tear.

We ensure that your data is secured . We complete a data erasure process to ensure that all your data is erased. If data cannot be wiped, any components including your data is then crushed and certificate provided.

After the data erasure, the equipment is cleaned and prepared for resale.


Data Security begins at the time an asset leaves the desk or data centre. Knowing what happens with your company’s data after we have collect your equipment is critical. We maintain an unbroken chain of custody from the time we collect your equipment until it is Data wiped. We offer a range of data security services using industry leading tools (Blancco™) and techniques to safeguard your data and protect your organisation.


By professionally refurbishing and remarketing IT equipment, we are able to extend its useful life.

In 2020, the CHG-MERIDIAN Group remarketed almost 880,000 assets (96% of all the equipment that was returned to our Technology Centers) in total. Every single one makes a difference and conserves valuable resources.