Financing your IT / Healthcare infrastructure

To compete effectively in a digital world, your business needs the right technology. Balancing your technology needs against your budget and resource planning can be challenging.

We understand that you have specific requirements to match your business goals. We’re here to help you.

What is Asset Lifecycle Management?

Asset Lifecycle Management means looking beyond procurement to the total cost of technology and how it adds value to your organisation.

It’s all too easy to lose sight of the real costs of upgrading technology in your business. Financial arrangements often lack transparency and typically offer limited visibility over asset level costs. Worse still, expensive servicing and disposal costs are often hidden in convoluted leasing arrangements that are difficult to understand. Once you factor in the overhead costs of providing your business with the latest technology, and consider the cost of capital, it becomes clear that there are significant benefits to managing the cost of your hardware on an asset level.

Our Asset Lifecycle Management solution give you access to the latest technology and keeps your costs under control. At NF Techfleet, we’ll help you achieve this by allowing you to convert large cash expenditure into affordable monthly payments via our Operational leasing arrangements. This will leave you free to invest more money into your business, while we worry about the rapid rate of change occurring in IT and medical technology.


Find a smart solution for your business.

Procurement & Financing

We are completely brand and supplier independent – you can freely choose what type of equipment you want. We take care of the rest by compiling everything on one and the same agreement and invoice. There are many advantages to leasing technology rather than buying it outright. There are the obvious financial benefits, such as the absence of large capital outlay.


Usage phase

Efficiency requires the logical use of all resources. We support you throughout the entire term of the lease – as a single, expert provider.


End-of-lease phase

Our service extends from collecting assets to certified data erasure. We carry out our professional remarketing or disposal in line with the principles of green IT.