Information Technology

The modern workplace is getting more dynamic by the day. Most places have seen cubicles replaced by open plan offices, hot-desking take off and mobile workforces become the norm. In a lot of businesses, however, technology hasn’t been keeping up.

One of the key advantages of leasing technology is that it gives you affordable access to the latest developments in IT, eliminates a source of frustration for many employees, and in turn fosters a more productive working environment.


We can finance all types of equipment from PCs and Notebooks to servers, storage and networking. This allows you to:

  • Reduce your costs.
  • Reduce your rental expenses.
  • Eliminate high disposal costs.
  • Reduce the risks associated with replacement and obsolescence.
  • Utilize Sale and lease back of your existing equipment to release capital and invest in your business.

Benefit from the predictable cash flows and ability to regularly refresh your technology with a single, flexible finance facility. Upgrades, replacements, and disposals are easily managed, and the solution is not bound to any individual manufacturer’s products.

We can offer you flexibility to select between different lease terms, per equipment type all the way to individual equipment. At the end of the lease period you can choose between different options: return, extend or purchase.


Getting the right approach to technology acquisition and planning this effectively, involves knowing what you need and when & where you need it.

This is underpinned with information from TheAssetAdvantage™ to give you the information you need to get your plans right.


Our flexible technology finance solutions are vendor independent and allow decisions on the best equipment for your current needs.

With TheAssetAdvantage™ you can see across your actual technology portfolio data to analyze and assess sourcing options and use this to achieve the best position with your suppliers.


With our automated settlement processes we give our customers unprecedented transparency and immediate ability to manage and control the procurement of new assets. 

We can help you streamline, improve or manage your procurement process and deliver cost savings,  when you buy through your own suppliers.


Leasing with NF Techfleet gives you access to our online asset management system, TheAssetAdvantage™, which allow your organisation to manage its technology equipment and benefit from simple online workflow tools. TheAssetAdvantage™ manages your technology through its entire lifecycle


Knowing what you have and where it is form the foundation of a well-structured Asset Lifecycle Management program.

TheAssetAdvantage™ gives you a comprehensive view of what you have and where it is in your organization. It also gives you the ability to manage all of your technology and other fixed assets whether they are leased (with us or elsewhere) or owned giving you a single version of the truth across your business.


A well-structured financial solution provides the opportunity to re-deploy, upgrade, and refresh your technology to meet the changing needs of your business. Throughout the technology lifecycle you may need to re-deploy, move, add, and change your technology.

You can easily manage and track these changes in real time through TheAssetAdvantage™, which saves you valuable time.


The right financial solution will optimize your capital investment in technology and deliver a lower Total Cost of Ownership over the life of the technology.

NF Techfleet can work with your organization to plan and implement the change required to get the most out of your technology fleet.

TheAssetAdvantage™ allows your business to implement effective cost recovery through cross-charging and develop a true view of where your costs are in your business.

End-of-lease phase

When you are ready to replace your leased equipment with new one, we take away the headache of having to organize the return and transportation of equipment by including collection in our standard lease. Once you are ready to return, we will pack and collect the equipment, perform data wipe and we will also provide a waiver for cosmetic damages. You simply let us know when you are ready to return and we will take care of the rest.


Knowing when your assets are ready for refresh in time to plan this effectively can save time and money. TheAssetAdvantage™ informs you when leased assets are due for return and owned assets are nearing the end of depreciation. NF Techfleet are global specialists in decommissioning equipment in a safe, secure, and sustainable way, minimizing damage and helping you avoid unnecessary and unplanned costs or loss in resale value.


Data Security begins at the time an asset leaves the desk or data centre. Knowing what happens with your company’s data after we have collected your equipment is critical. We maintain an unbroken chain of custody from the time we collect your equipment until it is Data wiped. We offer a range of data security services using industry leading tools (BlanccoTM) and techniques to safeguard your data and protect your organization.


If your owned technology is still being used, it most likely has a value that can be recovered through remarketing. NF Techfleet’s global remarketing network enables our customers to achieve value that can only be consistently delivered by specialists with a global reach.


Make informed decisions on the timing of your refresh based on accurate on-line information and transparent end of lease notifications. Planning your refresh activities effectively will reduce your costs and ensure that disruption to your business is minimized.

When you are ready to refresh your fleet, NF Techfleet have the experience, resources, and expertise to help.