Healthcare Technology

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Investing in the latest healthcare technology often involves high costs. NF Techfleet can propose financial structures which will meet budgetary requirement of your business thus allowing your business the best equipment for your patients.

The healthcare sector has become increasingly technology driven. Continued innovation has brought better and faster technology into the market, helping clinicians deliver a higher quality of care to patients and ultimately saving and improving countless lives. In an increasingly competitive marketing environment, patients too are becoming more knowledgeable – seeking the best care available supported by the most sophisticated medical technology and diagnostic tools. This trend is not limited to only a select few countries or socio-economic groups. Globally people are becoming more aware of their own health needs and like the technology revolution in the past 30 years, are demanding more accurate information and faster healthcare treatment.

With the rapid evolution of medical technology comes the added challenge of financing, managing and maintaining that technology in a cost-effective and patientconscious way. The issue for many medical practices is that new equipment comes with a high initial outlay, and in today’s environment, the technology quickly becomes outdated.

That’s why for many healthcare providers, leasing critical equipment can be a much more cost-effective way of acquiring the leading technology that your practice needs and that your patients want. Leasing gives you access to the most advanced medical devices, complex imaging equipment and scientific research technology without having to take on the costly risks associated with traditional ownership.


Find a smart solution for your business.

The perfect balance of cost and benefits

Minimise business exposure

An Operational Lease offers the best funding possible, avoiding the need for large lump sum payments on pieces of equipment that may not keep its value in the long term given the rapid change in technology.

Increased customer throughput

These days, patients expect the latest and best technology without exception. Keeping up to date with their expectations will help you retain your current patients and will attract new ones from competitors.

Increased efficiency

The latest technology is always more efficient, allowing you to service more patients and recoup your outlay costs quicker. Better yet, the efficiencies enabled by new technology can lead to better outcomes for patients and medical providers alike.

Access cost effective solutions

Our Operating Lease and TheAssetAdvantage™ system can only be accessed via Nordea Techfleet. Leasing with NF Techfleet can help you to align costs with revenue to better manage your cash flow.

The benefits of future resale, today

We have access to a global network of potential resale markets, which ensures we get the best resale value for out-dated medical equipment, resulting in lower rentals for you

Usage models designed for your business

Our Pay Per Treatment and Pay Per Patient usage models enable you to directly match your revenues to the cost of equipment, and simply forecast profitability on your equipment.