Technology Management for your company

NF Techfleet is the specialist in delivering technology fleet management solutions. That means we understand technology and we understand not all customers have the same needs.

To compete effectively in a digital world, your business needs the right technology. Balancing your technology needs against your budget and resource planning can be challenging.

We understand that you have specific requirements to match your business goals. We’re here to help you:

  • Get the right equipment from the start.
  • Manage equipment throughout its life cycle for maximum return on investment.
  • Securely dispose of your assets in an environmentally responsible manner when they reach the end of their useful life.

From IT and Healthcare Technologies – drawing on comprehensive expertise and offering customized services, we provide transparency of the entire lifecycle management of your technologies.

To deliver the right solution, we listen to the customer and work with them in building the outcome that will give them the flexibility to adjust to changes in technology. Our confidence in delivering the right outcome for customers is supported by the fact that we invest at our risk in the technology through our residual value.

We are committed in working with our private and public customers and partners in the Nordics.

IT and Healthcare

We provide transparency of the entire lifecycle management of your technologies.

Information Technologies

Intelligent financing concepts across the entire lifecycle of your IT equipment. We offer a well-designed service package, covering everything from planning to certified data erasure and sustainable recycling.


Healthcare Technology

Investing in the latest healthcare technology often involves high costs. NF Techfleet can propose financial structures which will meet budgetary requirement of your business thus allowing your business the best equipment for your patients. A perfect balance of cost and benefits.